Vintage Style Items for Men That Are Back

Vintage is in. We have compiled ten things you have mistakenly thought only your dad could pull off.

  1. Big Watches

These bulky timepieces not only last the test of time, they will always remain classy. Just make sure that they are the original with durable wristbands.

  1. Sweaters and Vests

The epitome of retro style, sweaters and vests are must-haves that can work for a smart-casual look. Try getting one in a classic color like navy, but there tons of other smart colors to choose from online. Try searching four piece suits on your browser, and you will be directed to an online store that offer great deals for sweaters and vests.

  1. Denims

Retro denim will always be a hot item. This refers to both jeans and denim jackets. Designed with special care and durable fabric, you can never go wrong with classic brands.

  1. Argyle

Argyle refers to a pattern of diamonds and lozenges, which really gives any item a vintage feel.

  1. Leather Bags

Vintage leather bags, whether old bowling bags or briefcases, can really set a professional look.

  1. Classic Wallets

Stick with the basic square wallet that served one purpose, preferably made with durable leather.

  1. Vintage Jewelry

Some jewelry will complement your look such as signet rings and gold chains. Make sure to stick to one signature piece; minimalistic is key to classy.

  1. Classic Leather Belts

A good solid belt made with leather and a big buckle can pull your outfit together. Make sure to recondition it whenever you spot tear and wear.

  1. Chinos

Chinos have come back with a bang. Get it in any color and match it with a smart shirt and maybe jacket and you are good to go.




  1. Bowling Shirts

With celebrities like Martin Sheen in “Two and a Half Men” and David Zayas in “Dexter” bringing sexy back with bowling shirts, these are real classics.


Next time you go out shopping, look out for any of these items. If you decide to purchase one or more, they will surely up your style. Just make sure to mix and match fittingly with your outfit.…