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Wrists and ankles are frequently damaged from injuries e.g. sprains and strains. Fractures from sports and certain medical conditions (arthritis) may also cause pain in the wrist. Wrapping an injured wrist will help in reliving the pain and aiding recovery. However, if the injury is serious proper medical consultation and the use of a wrist brace is recommended. Common injuries can be comforted by using a first aid tape to wrap the wrist.  Here are a few steps that will guide you on how to wrap a wrist:

  1. Use a high quality bandage wrap that is ideally elastic in nature. Start wrapping from your fingers towards your wrist.
  2. Extend the wrap to cover your fingers and palm area. Continue wrapping towards the wrist and then to the elbow. Wrapping in such a way provides better support to the injury.
  3. For achieving an excellent wrap, you need to re-wrap from your elbow towards your hand again. This is kind of a reverse wrapping on the previous wrap.
  4. Secure the wrap by using small clips to fix it. The wraps should be on the forearm area.
  5. Make sure that the wrap around the hand is not too tight and the fingers can be moved easily.
  6. Remove the wrap when you have to ice the injured area.
  7. Consult a doctor for further advice. In some cases, it is not ideal to sleep with an arm wrap.
  8. You may need to wrap your wrist on a regular basis for a few weeks before your wrist becomes perfectly stable.


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