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The advancements in science has made children to be addicted to technology. While utilizing technology is a beneficial habit, being dependent on is not a great one. This is why parents should stop showering children with cellphones, tablets and computers. If you want to give your child a tech gadget as a gift, you need to choose something that he or she will not misuse. The following are some such tech gadgets that you can give your child.

A Dictaphone

If your child is slightly older, a Dictaphone would be a perfect gift. This gadget will enable your child to revise his or her lessons easily. Moreover, it will enable him or her to listen to the lectures while travelling. A Dictaphone can be high useful when it comes to note-taking. If your child is a slow writer or has a limited attention span, this gadget will enable him or her record the lessons and listen to them later.

Electronic Stationary

High-tech stationary items can be of great use for younger children. Buying your child a digital pen or even electric pencil sharpeners is a much better idea than getting him or her a new phone. These stationary items enable your child to waste less time in the classroom and thereby improve his or her concentration. However, it is important to make sure that your child is old enough to handle such gadgets safely and effectively.

Graphing Calculator

Unlike a regular calculator, these gadgets enable you to analyze mathematical formulas easily and accurately. This gadget can be highly useful for children who are taking classes for science and math. The gadget is preinstalled with a number of applications and business functions. It is capable of analyzing both one and two variable formulas.

Of course, buying such tech gadgets can cost you a lot of money. But on the bright side, you will be able to keep your child away from the dark side of technological developments.


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